Depth Game

December 28, 2007

Depth is a group I’m in, and I don’t remember why or who invited me. No one is sure what Depth is yet… the group description promises that the little game will be lucrative and the answer will be obtained at midnight 01/01/08. So, tonight a notice was posted by Missus Philter to take a pic of the kiosk and write a description of what you think Depth is. Here’s my guess and my pic. Missus promises that 3 winners will be chosen and win a big prize! Wish me luck *cross fingers*
“Depth is a very interesting teaser… which makes me believe a marketing team is behind the concept, perhaps an ‘unoffical’ group from SL and not a big business. Depth has to make L$ somehow, because of the promise of our involvement being ‘lucrative’… so I assume Depth sells something… maybe Promotions Specialists.
That’s my guess,
MiaSnow Myriam”

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