Welcome Valle!

February 20, 2008

Valle Giulia - Alexitimia Tattoo
Sofia and I met about a year ago as neighbors in Hwang through her sealion friend, Stimpy who flew over to say hi to me while I was building some monstrosity that was upsetting neighbors 🙂 Sofia was cool about it though & made me feel welcome… and a few invites later – to art galleries, dancing, hot-tubbing with furries – Sofia & I just clicked. After a year, we surprisingly have more and more to talk about, with never enough time for our little show-and-tells. Now, I have to shout out a loud YAY WELCOME VALLE GIULIA!!!! The new miaSofia build is the result of a design solution to ‘fit’ her in. But wow, everything is a million times better than ever before and Valle fits in like she’s been with us all along. She’s sweet, creative, generous and has an infectious exuberance. OK, so now we could change the name miaSofiaGiulia… but LOL, um nah 😀 just doesn’t have the ‘ring’ to it, but Valle, we welcome you and thank you for being a dreamer, like us 😀 ❤


3 Responses to “Welcome Valle!”

  1. Valle Giulia Says:

    /me lower eyes moved to tears “sorry i can’t really comment these words”.

  2. One shop closed, one shop opened!

    Welcome to Alexitimia Tattoo @ miaSofia

    My shop in Land of Hope closed once and for all.
    Thanx to the wonderful MiaSnow Myriam and Sofia London, Alexitimia Tattoo settled @ miaSofia and after a heavy remode…

  3. Melandro Says:

    Congratulations! A Blog really interesting. Best regards.

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