remodeling update from miaSofia

February 29, 2008

i haz a toast

*nibbles on toast* This morning I spent some time tweaking the remodel at miaSofia HQ. Lily says I have Remodeling ADD, but still, surely it’s not as bad as Stimpy’s AV ADD. Right?  Anyway, the picture above is me as Bunny Sofie lounging on the new couch I placed at the ~silentsparrow~ Satellite Shop which I like to call the Sparrow House.  The house now has some lovely furniture from MCH and LOTTA for all of you to enjoy.   Because, really, we want you to come and enjoy visiting our place not just shop and leave.  Also, the Red Rock Mesa Tribute Rock Climbing wall is back and in working order.  Dakotah Yue was the first brave soul to try the climb to the top of the wall.  And she made it!  Yay!   There’s also a nice little fairy circle for Cole in the back yard.  Oh yes, most important of all, I need to tell you that I made an Information Center at the main miaSofia HQ landing area.  From in world you can visit this blog, our flickr, join our in-world group, and get a handy notecard full of helpful landmarks for our area.  And while you there, pick up a free copy of the MiaSofia poster by Trindolyn Beck.  I hear it will be retired soon.


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