who said you can’t have your cake and wear it too?

March 6, 2008

red velvet cake poster 1

Introducing the new Red Velvet Cake Dress Set from lurveBite by Sofia London. This is the first of the new Fashionable Food Couture Collection from LurveBite and is available now in-world. Fashionable Food outfits are planned to be released once per month. Each outfit will be available until the next year when a new outfit will replace it for that month and it will be gone forever. Also included with each set is a notecard with a recipe for the real life food, a notecard with more details about the outfit, accessories and landmarks related to each item, and several posters including the advert showing the different ways you can wear the outfit. Feel free to wear every single item or dress it down, mix and match as you please.

red velvet cake poster 2

Included in this dress set are two skirt options, short and long, two top options one in shirt and the other jacket layer, one pair of long gloves, two bangles – one for each arm, a three-tier red velvet cake hat, two knee high socks and two knee high sheer stockings. not included but shown in the picture are, red MaryGeo shoes from Shiny Things, Fushia Glam skin by MiaSnow Myriam, and Loelle hair. … and I must add that the dress is not quite edible, but still yum!


2 Responses to “who said you can’t have your cake and wear it too?”

  1. anne022196 Says:

    the style looks great…this is one of the greatest design i’ve seen

  2. sofialondon Says:

    thank you so much anne for saying it! you made my afternoon soo much happier. 🙂

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