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April 18, 2008

As the official web person for miaSofia, I try to keep up with all of the coverage that miaSofia and it’s products get online.  It’s sometimes difficult to keep up to date with everyone, some weeks are simply busier than others.  So in this post I’m gonna do a bit of catch up so you can see some great photos and reviews by some great bloggers in the second life fashion world.

To begin here are some links from the great blog  Both Mia and I just love how she puts together outfits.  The combinations are very fashionable and can be also a tad dark and moody.  The Dahlia skin no. 7 is featured in this post entitled SL, the Sanity Break.   The skin Dahilia the Starlet is featured in the post titled Big and boot-y.  And finally, the warm Dahilia skin no. 8 is seen in the post What’s black and white and red all over? The Dahlia skin was created by MiaSnow Myriam and is available in-world only at by miaSnow at miaSofia.

Skins by miaSnow can also be seen on Aisyanra’s blog, which is in Japanese but has great photos.  The post entitled Mirrors shows Aisyanra wearing the photorealistic Abby skin.  The previous post also includes a photo with the lurveBite bloody guy beater tank top.  And finally, the post entitled Argrace also has some photos with the Abby skin.

The newest blogger to add to our list, well new to me, is Tarrisa from Fallobst.  She also has a great sense of style and takes awesome photos of her outfits.  The post entitled …not your usual pageant-girl… includes the CandyHEART shirt by miaSnow and the Naturally Slutty skin from the Junkie skin set also by miaSnow.

Wow! For today, I think I’m done.  If you know of any other blogs which feature our products and miaSofia in general please let us know!  We are always happy and delighted to see our designs in action.


One Response to “as seen in the blog of…”

  1. Heee! It’s my favorite skin, I wear *mia* all the time ❤

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