on the new photobooth and more

April 18, 2008

photobooth, view from the outside

New at miaSofia HQ is this photo booth which I found a few days ago. It’s old, used, a tad dirty and icky, but hey I got a good deal and it works. Just mmm wipe the seat off before you sit and try not to touch the walls too much. Mia helped me carry the sucker over to the path way in between Alextimia Tattoo and the Sparrow House. To work it just sit and cycle thru the poses and backgrounds with your arrow keys and snap away. If you take a photo there please post it to our miaSofia flickr pool. We would love to see all your funny faces and poses!

In other news, Mia sent her black car to the mechanics. Sigh. Hopefully that bill won’t be too too high. We also had a mysterious thing happen to the flowers in the garden. I mean, they are all gone! It must have something to do with that giant hole in wall by the red lounge. Hummm… Oh yes, I remember now, we have some new trees! Very shiny, glowy, and wordy trees from the Strawberry Holiday collection. You must come by and have a look at new landscape.

Also, I’m feeling a bit of sunshine coming on, I’m working on a new swimsuit set for lurveBite. Yay! It’s almost summer. Mia is busy with a possible magazine feature, more on that later. And Valle is in school right now. Please give her some encouragement if you see her. We miss her greatly but look forward to her returning in a few weeks with some new tattoo work.

I should mention that the Sparrow House has been turned into Sofia’s living room. The cute house is full of furniture from LOTTA and MCH, some of my favorite Japanese designers. Most of the furniture includes several sitting poses, so just click on the item to cycle thru the options. Please enjoy lounging and hanging out with your friends, after all, mi casa es su casa. See you at miaSofia soon!


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