Chocolate Dream Dress from lurveBite Available Now

May 20, 2008

chocolate dream dress from lurveBite

New from lurveBite at miaSofia the Fashionable Food Couture outfit for the month of May named the Chocolate Dream Dress. This delicious outfit is made entirely of chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting and a hardened chocolate swirl coating. The photo above shows only half of the design possibilities. This set includes 2 tops, 4 skirts, and 1 chocolate covered cookie you can share with friends. The skirts can be worn alone to make a simple baby doll or normal dress with the skirt starting at the waist, or the skirts can be combined making for a two tired baby doll delight. The Chocolate Dream Dress, designed by Sofia London, is available now at lurveBite at miaSofia. Since this release is late, the outfit is at 50% off until Saturday, May 24th. Fashionable Food Couture are collectible outfits that are available only for one year, when another outfit for the month replaces them. Each set includes a recipe and additional photos and note cards about the outfit.


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