may days at miaSofia

May 20, 2008

Ramblings and updates from Sofia London =^.^= Needless to say that real life has been a bit crazy for me lately. And now, hundreds of phone calls and emails to family and friends later, things have returned to normal. Yay! Unfortunately, I’m now behind on several clothing projects and just barely managed to release my Chocolate Dream Dress for this month’s Fashionable Food Couture. As an apology and to thank you for your patience, the outfit is at 50% off for the rest of this week at my store, lurveBite at miaSofia. I released this outfit to the public just yesterday and wow, I am blown away by the quickness of Aisyanra’s Blog in posting some awesome photos of the dress, like the one shown below. I couldn’t be happier with the reception of this delicious outfit. I suppose it’s every girls dream to wear their favorite food. *smiles*

aisyanra modeling chocolate dream dress

This month I celebrated my birthday with some of my close friends in-world. Below is a photo of MiaSnow and I spending some time together at ChouChou. Thank you all for all the great gifts and for simply being there for me to listen, laugh, play and dream. My sl wouldn’t be the same without you. *hugs*

miaSofia at chouchou

I need to mention that lurveBite participated in providing some prizes for the celebration of 5000 comments on I’m so happy to announce that Kanomi was the recipient of the prizes. You can read her blog post called Where’s Kanomi where she mentions the After Glow Dress from lurveBite. Yay!! Congrats, and thanks Vint for asking me to participate.

MiaSnow Myriam of by miaSnow at miaSofia got some props from

Check out Fallobst for a post on ganguro skins, including the Ganguro Girl skin by miaSnow as an option. Also the post named Lazy Days are Over includes some beautiful shots of the Dahlia Skin no. 10. features great photos of the Dahlia skin, like the one below, in the post titled Digit Darkes and miaSnow. Skins by miaSnow are available at the main shop at miaSofia.

dahlia skin at

Earlier this month I made a simple summer dress for my big sister Cedri and made it available for 1L as a gift to all my customers. Thanks to Creamy from the Free*Style blog for announcing the release of the outfit in the post entitled Luuuurve! The photos are awesome and feature the Byrne Darkly skin from by miaSnow, the summer dress of course from lurveBite, and the Live Fast Die Young tattoo by Alexitimia Tattoo at miaSofia.

The Dahlia skin no. 9 was featured in the blog Bayberry’s Retail Bliss in a post named Good Bay, Bad Bay.  The Byrne Darkly skins by miaSnow are in this funny post named Cherry pickin’ with Creamy on  Malicious Style blog owners recently visited miaSofia HQ and have a nice collection of photos featuring some of the great clothing from by miaSnow.  Some of the clothing items are now for sale at the SL Exchange Marketplace. It’s the perfect place to go when you can’t get in-world and just have to have to shop. The month of May isn’t quite over yet. We’re looking forward to some more new clothing from lurveBite and a new beautiful skin from by miaSnow.

Finally, I want to say a very late congratulations to Bella for winning the Look of the Day for Week 11 courtesy the nice people at Second Life Fashion Addict.  The image below is Bella in the very creepy and dark Dahlia the Legend skin, and was taken at miaSofia HQ.  Beautiful!!!

bella as living dead girl


2 Responses to “may days at miaSofia”

  1. oh mai! here i was, visiting your blog update and clicking all the links and smiling for you girls, when i see… ME!!!! hahaha. thanks sofia for the pic post and congrats! i always have a blast in MiaSofia, in fact we are planning a feature on our blog as well since all of us Dorks love it there so much and have pretty much bought out the place… or maybe that’s just me. ANYWAY, thank you! 😀

  2. Melponeme_k Says:

    Thank you for the notice.

    I loved the Dahlia skin line and now have the #7 and #8 lines. They are lovely.

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