New Men’s Skins at by miaSnow

June 8, 2008

hot rod skin polariod

He’s baaaaaack! A big welcome home to Mia’s first men’s skin named Hot Rod. The complete 7 skin set is available now at her shop by miaSnow at miaSofia. Hot Rod is just Hawt! The photo realistic skins range from a Scruffy Mechanic Look to Clean-Shaven, and are sold individually.  As always, you can try the demos for 0L and there are three free eyebrow options for men as well.  There are three body shapes designed just for the Hot Rod skins that will be available later this week.

drow warrior by miaSnow

Also new this week for men is the Rodaidh Drow skin set in a very magical steel gray tone with 5 different make up colors.  The Rodaidh skins range from the clean look to the warrior with bold blue paint on the face.  The body is sexy, toned, and lean and looks perfect with one of the three shape options also available at by miaSnow at miaSofia.  More men’s skin coming soon!


2 Responses to “New Men’s Skins at by miaSnow”

  1. Saucy Lois Says:

    Rod’s got a bit of ‘tude, but he’s good lookin enough to carry it off!

  2. I like your insights on the drow, i have recently pupblished a series on the topic. I look foward to you comments.

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