Cereal and Milk Dress from lurveBite at miaSofia

July 16, 2008

The Cereal and Milk Dress from lurveBite at miaSofia is the new Fashionable Food Couture outfit for the month of July.  This entertaining collection includes a one strap top made with milk, glitch pants, and two prim skirts.  Skirt one is made with milk and a dainty belt of cereal, skirt two is is made with fruit loop inspired cereal bits.  Accessories for this set include four bangles or bracelets, two hair clips with color change cereal, one color change cereal for your mouth (click to cycle thru six colors), one silver spoon for your mouth, and a bowl of cereal for your head.  As a bonus this set includes a cereal teddy bear you can hold.  lurveBite is located at miaSofia and is owned by Sofia London.  Fashionable Food Couture is a series of collectible food inspired outfits that are released monthly.  Each outfit is available for only one year, until a new outfit for that month replaces it and it’s retired forever.

The Color Change Cereal for your Mouth is available for sale separately and is trans ok, making it a great gift for a friend.  Visit lurveBite at miaSofia today.


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