Wild Woman Hair

August 5, 2008















New release by miaSnow… WILD WOMAN Hair in black only. Includes a resize and glow script so you can just touch it and play with the options for a customized fit. Glow doesn’t do alot on the black, but it adds a nice feathery white outline and softens the whole look, great for certain lighting and effects. Lawless McBride wears it, loves it and pets it, won’t you? ^^ this item’s texture was created using a free download PhotoShop brush by gorjuss stock. the terms of use say you can use it if you alter it and i feel i accomplished that with the format, and overlapping of the textures. but just to be safe, i am not selling this hair. it is only available in the Lucky Chair! i’ll keep it there as long as there is interest and pull it out on special occasions, like Halloween would be good huh?

Lawless is a WILD WOMAN!

Lawless is a WILD WOMAN!


One Response to “Wild Woman Hair”

  1. Alexa Lioncourt Says:

    Love, love, love this hair!!

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