Big Beehive Hair, Toast Breads, Eyes, Rugs and Stuffs

August 20, 2008

MiaSnow and Sofia (that’s me!) have been very busy lately and have some newness to share with you. First of all, we completed a remodel of our shops at miaSofia. If you land at miaSofia HQ you will find a lovely fireplace with helpful candles and a freebie. You’ll just have to go look.

As you walk out of the landing area you will find yourself in MiaSnow’s new home and garden area featuring some new items. The new items from by miaSnow include several Chandeliers, Flower Skull Rugs, Mushroom Lamp, Flower Field, and the smashing Midnight Garden Romance Room. From there you can walk into the general miaSofia play yard or walk to the main entrance of by miaSnow. At by miaSnow today you will find the new Big Beehive Hair (pictured below) set available in 16 different colors ranging from silver and black to green and bubblegum pink. Also new at by miaSnow are four sets of eyes named, future sight, glowing, candy, and alien. Finally, on the second floor there are some wonderful paintings created by miaSnow’s dad.

Big Beehive Hair from by miaSnow

Big Beehive Hair from by miaSnow

new eyes from by miaSnow

new eyes from by miaSnow

As you leave by miaSnow at miaSofia you’ll find a dock or wooden pathway leading to the new lurveBite store. Oh, you can pickup a copy of some in-world magazines and see some magazine spreads from miaSofia. And why not, click the big miaSofia sign to join the group too. New at lurveBite is a new lucky chair prize of the cereal accessories from the cereal and milk dress set. Also new is the Toast Bread dress for the month of August’s Fashionable Food Couture Collection.

Cereal Accessories Set at lurveBites lucky chair
Toast Bread Dress from lurveBite - Baby Doll Version

Toast Bread Dress from lurveBite - Baby Doll Version

Finally, miaSofia is offering two freebies this month of August. One is the Spicy Toast by Dakotah Yue, and the other is the Toast Bear Chair. The Spicy Toast is at the main entrance of the lurveBite shop. The Toast Bear Chair is a group gift for members of the miaSofia group in world.  To receive your Toast Bear Chair simply join miaSofia and look in the notices section for the notice named Group Gift.  Ok that’s all for now.  Oh yes, you should know that mia and i are planning something super fun during September.  😉


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