avPainter Rocks!

September 15, 2008

Skin Design by MiaSnow utilizing avPainter

Skin Design by MiaSnow utilizing avPainter



















Yay! my life changed today because of an incredible program available for Second Life residents, for use in matching seams on the clothing templates. you can also upload your files onto the avatar in avPainter, just to check them out before you pay to upload in-world. The program by Pootle Trollop is very good. i only wish it had a stamp tool. seams don’t have to be so scary now with this program. katatonik recommended it to me, is why i gave it a chance. so now i recommend it to you^^ so here’s an image of the skin i’m working on. my plan is to create some awesome base skins in different shades, starting with a reaslistic version like this. and then i can morph them into more airbrushed looks and play with makeups and faces. this one so far is named Foxy Girl, because i also hope to make her into a Fox-Girl hybrid. these are my hopes and plans, now i just wish for the time to get it done!

Here’s the link to buy avPainter from SlexChange.com




2 Responses to “avPainter Rocks!”

  1. Bailey Dazy Says:

    Well I’m glad to see where you’re going with your designs.
    I think they’re wonderful ideas.
    I’d personally LOVE to see more animal/girl hybrid skins myself!
    Looking great so far though!

  2. Anik Pavlova Says:

    was looking for info overall on avPainter – have it but hadn’t had much success. this skin, however, is gorgeous. time to break out the avPainter again, I guess!

    cheers and again, really beautiful skin.


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