September Wrap-Up from lurveBite

September 29, 2008

The month of September has been quite busy for lurveBite at the miaSofia skybox.  Here’s a review of the new items to hit the shop this month.  First on the list is the Fashionable Food Couture Outfit for the month of September, the Banana Pudding and Vanilla Wafer dress.  It’s the 7th in the Collectible Food Couture series by Sofia London.

Also new are an 8 pack set of Tights in various colors ranging from Strawberry, Banana to Cookie.  The new Blue Jean Shorts and Mini Skirt set looks great with all of them.  Picture below:

One of the more unique outfits this month was perhaps the Black Mesh Ballerina set with two skirts.  One skirt includes glowing hoops which makes for a dreamy look while dancing.

One of the most entertaining things to happen at miaSofia was the Treasure Hunt which took place on September 7th.  Both shops, lurveBite and MiaSnow offered great prizes for the event.  Below are the prizes from lurveBite which include a Hardtack Cracker for your mouth, Eye Patch, Dirty Guy Beater Tank Top, Dirty Blue Jean Shorts and Mini Skirt, and the Beckon Bikini with Red Stripes.  The items are not for sale at the moment, but may be in the near future.

After the treasure hunt I went back to creating just regular clothes and released the Aestival Baby Doll Top.  This is a shirt with two colors of fringe for a potential of 3 different shirts in midnight blue and marigold.

After some thought and deliberation lurveBite released the toy or accessorie named Shining Star – Hug Me Edition.  The glowing star is simply adorable and is embraceable with a two arm pose that works well with most AOs.  Pictured below are MiaSnow and Sofia holding their stars.   One detail that may escape you is that each star has a tiny heart on one of its arms.

Also new this month but not pictured is a set of 4 hair pins, faded tank tops for girls in 6 bright colors, rainbow tinted jeans, fur patch jeans and tank top for girls.

New for the guys are three pairs of jeans in a high rise cut – blue jeans, bloody and dirty, and rainbow tinted.  And after a long wait, there are some new t-shirts for the guys.  Those include charcoal t-shirts with flags of various countries screen printed then faded out.  And three white t-shirts tinted with a color on top then faded out.  You just have to visit lurveBite to see everything.


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