Like Candy Dress – Fashionable Food Couture from lurveBite

October 17, 2008

lurveBite’s Fashionable Food Couture outfit for the month of October is the Like Candy Dress.   It’s a very sweet creation made with hard candies in wrappers and sugar dots.  The sweet, sugary dress set is in hues of light yellow, pinks, and greens placing it in total contrast to the darkness of the classic Halloween theme.  Sofia’s favortie part of this season is of course the candy, so this dress was the natural choice for October.  The Dress Set includes 1 top, 1 sugar dots for top, 1 ruffles for top, set of glitch pants and unders, 1 plain skirt, 2 prim skirts with glowing sugar dot options, gloves with candy ribbons, candy shaped earrings, candy hair pin, candy piece for your mouth, special edition candy teddy bear holding candies, sugar dots and candies for your shoulder.  Many thanks to my friends who have taken some wonderful pictures while wearing the Like Candy Dress, here are just a few.  You can find the Like Candy dress at lurveBite.


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