Ice Cube Dress from lurveBite

January 9, 2009

lurveBite – Ice Cube Dress Set is now available at lurveBite’s main shop:

Fashionable Food Couture outfit no. 11 for the month of January is made of ice cubes!!
You can mix and match the pieces for different looks – dress down to just the melting top and underpants, or dress up to look like you came out of the couture freezer.  Pieces include short and long skirt, arm, forearm, and wrist bands, leg warmers (or coolers), crown, necklace, earrings, waist piece, ice cube for your mouth.  The Ice Cube Dress includes some light and glow – please experiment with your light settings for the full effect.

Sofia London is wearing:

Ice Cube Dress from lurveBite

Eyes from the MiaSnow Wild Side pack
Skin by MiaSnow – exclusive London Winter skin 7c
Hair by BP*
Face Lamp with Mole from Love Soul


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