Hathor’s Pomegranate new from lurveBite

February 6, 2009

lurveBite is pleased to announce it’s 12th outfit in the Fashionable Food Couture Collection designed by Sofia London.

The dress set for the month of February named “Hathor’s Pomegranate” was designed for Rezzable’s Digital Alchemy: Fashion Inspired by Ancient Egypt events. Click here for the related blog post.

“Hathor’s Pomegranate” is available during the month of February ONLY at the NEW King’s Rezzable sim designed around the era of King Tut.

“Hathor’s Pomegranate” is 3 outfits in one!!  And, unlike other dress sets, all accessories are included in this particular release at King’s Rezzable.   (copy/mod ok; no trans)
Outfits: 1.) Pomegranate Flower – long skirt, 2.) Pomegranate Fruit – short skirt, 3.) Fantasy bikini
Accessories include: Hathor’s Sun Disc and Cow Ears; Pomegranate Jewerly Set with Ring, Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings; Purse/Handbag; Big Pome to Hold; Pome for your Mouth; Pome Particles.
Clothing includes: dress top, 2 glitch pants; 2 skirts, ruffles, bikini, optional prim attachments.  Photos below.

Check out this blog post by fashion blogger Ersatz Charisma about “Hathor’s Pomegranate”.

Hathor’s Pomegranate was inspired by the Egyptian Goddess Hathor and the Pomegranate fruit and it’s flower.  Hathor the goddess was known as the patron of the sun, music, dance and the arts.  She is sometimes depicted as a cow deity and has a sun disc with horns, and sometimes a female body and face with cow ears.   The pomegranate was an important fruit in ancient Egypt; it’s red color was used for the sun disc crown, and it’s many seeds symbolized fertility and plenty.  Pomegranates were offered in the tomb as a way to promote the rebirth of the dead in the next world.

Fashionable Food Couture is a special collection of outfits created monthly by Sofia London, the owner and designer behind the store lurveBite.   Each outfit or dress set is inspired by a particular food item, dish or sweets.


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