Yummy! New Bitten Toast Breads from lurveBite

February 22, 2009

Fresh from Sofia London’s oven at lurveBite is a batch of yummy toast breads. But, it seems that Sofia just couldn’t contain herself and has taken a bite out of each one! Yes, all thirty five of them!  Just like the regular Toast Bread for your Mouth from lurveBite, the new Bitten Toast Breads have a variety of patterns and themed burned on to the tasty slice of bread.  Some new breads have even gone gourmet and have been dipped with chocolate or decorated with other candy bits.  Designs range from shapes like the Heart, Kiss, Music Notes, and Skull to phrases like, “You are toast!!”, “I lurve U”, and “I lurve Toast”.    If you simply cannot decide what individual Bitten Toast Bread you want to nibble on you now have the option of nibbling on Super Toast.  Super Toast is a menu driven texture change Bitten Toast Bread with 25 different patterns or images.  Just click and choose your favorite from the list.  Visit lurveBite today where you will find Super Toast and Individual Toast as well as two Fat Packs.  All breads are trans ok which mean you can send them to your friends too.    


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