MiaSofia is a shared update group for the virtual world Second Life™ between MiaSnow Myriam, Sofia London, and Jasmine Lisle.

• MiaSnow Myriam’s Store is called MIASNOW.

Visit MiaSnow in Second Life™ using this SLurl.

MiaSnow is an artist specializing in unique and beautiful Skins. Also at her shop is a fun range of clothing and growing Home and Garden area. (Skins, Clothing, Home, Garden, Art, Skybox, Fantasy Skin, Colorful Skins, Realistic, Artistic, Perfect for Goth, Space Girls, RP, Punk, Drow, Elf, Dog Girls, Bunny Girls, Mens skin, black eye, dirty, scrapes, cuts, bloody, Flowers, Field.)

• Sofia London’s Store is called lurveBite.

Visit lurveBite in Second Life™ using this SLurl.

Sofia is a graphic designer specializing in Fashionable Food Couture clothing.  Also at her shop are some adorable toys and accessories made mostly with food, and an elegant collection of unique clothing. (Fashionable Food Couture, Toast Bread for your Mouth, Shoulder Companion Teddy Bears and more. Swim wear, Kimono, Thermals, Tank Tops, Toast Bread, Teddy Bears, Baby Doll Dresses, Bangles, T-shirts, Jeans, Marshmallow Dream.)

• What MiaSnow and Sofia share:

1.) MiaSofia the Blog: (Oh you’re here!) Updates from both stores, musings about our experiences in SL, and links to our favorite blogs.

2.) MiaSofia the Group: (In SL group only.) Two stores in one group for your convenience.  Join for updates about the stores, new products and events.

3.) MiaSofia the Flickr Group: (On flickr only.) Extensive photo albumn of photos taken at their stores, and of people (avatars) using their products.  Post your MiaSofia related photos too by joining flickr and joining the group.

Follow us on Twitter!
MiaSnow Myriam and Sofia London are now on Twitter. Tweets range from store updates to our fun experiences in SL. You can also see the latest tweets on the side bar here on this blog. No need to join Twitter to view. However it’d be awesome to add you to the following.

Did you blog about MiaSofia and the products purchased at one of the three main shops? Please let us know by posting a comment here, sending an IM in-world or emailing Sofia London at bysofialondon@yahoo.com. We would be happy to add you to our blog roll and work with you in the future.

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