Sofia London’s store, lurveBite, has a new satellite shop at the new sim named Elliott. The store is in the Shooting Star Pet Cemetery section, simply follow the path past the grave stones. In celebration of the grand opening today at 6 pm SLT there are several freebies and discounted items from lurveBite and other shops. lurveBite’s freebies include the Black Velvet Bear Shoulder Companion and Hug Me Edition. The Glitter Bear Shoulder Companion and Hug Me Edition have been deeply discounted.
Visit lurveBite at Elliott today:
Next door to the new Pet Cemetery is the St. Ides Heaven Carnival Junkyard and the XO Swamp. Explore all the nice shops including MiaSnow’s at the Carnival near the Ferris wheel.


New for the month of April at Sofia’s shop named lurveBite.
This tasty dress set is made with sticky rice and sushi wraps. Includes a top, short skirt, rice ball shaped prim skirt, two obis for your waist, a shall with floppy bow, earrings with rice balls at the end, matching necklace and bracelet, underpants, and a tasty onigiri for your mouth.

Pose by MiaSnow; Skin, an unreleased exclusive by MiaSnow; Eyes by MiaSnow; Hair by BP*, Shoes from Shiny Things.

Sun Apr  5 12:40:00 2009

STARTS NOW! we are open in new area!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Eggs!  They aren’t even hidden OK?!  just explore!

New Releases from lurveBite and MIASNOW (find our new release walls) MIASNOW price alterations all over & new Home & Garden Store. THE EGGS ARE ALL HIDDEN IN THE STORES.

there are 11 FRIED EGGS
ook INSIDE the STORES for the eggs

MIASNOW (3 eggs)
lurveBite (3 eggs)
JAS (3 eggs)
House of Munster (1 egg)
Tekeli-li (1 egg)

★ Bento Lunch (wear and touch)
★ Hunny Dreamy Skin ( a purple bunny teeth skin)
★ Poofy MOD Bunny Tail
★ Bunny Girl Head Attachments

lurveBite Gifts:
★ Chocolate Kimono
★ Bitten Toast Bread
★ Chick Shirt for Girls
★ Chick Magnet Shirt for Guys
★ Chocolate Tank Tops

JAS Gifts:
★ BunnyBops ( sculpted bunny ears!)
★ Poseballs for 2
★ JewelDrop Rain Particles

House of Munster Gift:
★ Vira (specially colored hair for ladies!)

Tekelil-li! Gift:
★ Starry Deco Tiara (scripted for full customization)

The stores MIASNOW owned by MiaSnow Myriam, and lurveBite owned by Sofia London are closed from Wednesday April 1st to Saturday April 4th. Both stores are in the process of remodeling. You can still visit their Satellite Stores where you will find some of their current items, simply go to their Picks in Profiles.

MIASNOW and lurveBite will reopen at a new location on Sunday, April 5th at 10:00 a.m. SLT with the Fried Egg Hunt event. Landmarks coming soon!

The Fried Egg Hunt is the 2nd Annual MiaSofia Easter Egg Hunt that will take place from Sunday, April 5 to Sunday, April 19. There will be some awesome prizes hidden in fried eggs thru out the new shop location.

This year MIASNOW and lurveBite are including the participation of guests shops JAS by Jasmine Lisle, House of Munster or HOM, SubaCultcha and Tekeli-li. Landmarks and more details on prizes are coming soon.

Join the group MiaSofia in Second Life™ to stay updated and receive the LMs. You can also stay informed by visiting MiaSofia the blog, or the MiaSofia flickr pool. MiaSofia is an open collaboration between MiaSnow and Sofia. They are friends, neighbors and designers combining forces to bring you their unique visions in fashion, skins, accessories and more.

New at lurveBite is the beautiful, soft, sugary dress set named Cotton Candy Pink. It’s the Food Couture outfit for the month of March inspired by Cotton Candy or Candy Floss. This delicate pink set include a top with a rounded collar, a mini skirt option, short skirt, and long skirt option. Accessories include a fun headband and a cotton candy you can hold. Visit lurveBite today to see this and other food inspired outfits by Sofia London.

Every girl needs a little black dress in her wardrobe.  That’s why Sofia London at lurveBite decided to make a new, fun, flirty, but classy little black dress or LBD to add to her collection.  Hush the Little Black Dress, new at lurveBite this week, has amazing fabric detail that is easily seen thru the dark color.  The deep V-neck is complimented by a floppy bow on the back which ties the outfit together.   This set includes a short skirt and long skirt fit for almost any occasion, matching glitch pants, and a dainty black bracelet set with a matching bow.  Visit lurveBite today where you can find Hush and a variety of other dresses including one in Hot Pink just in time for summer.

Fresh from Sofia London’s oven at lurveBite is a batch of yummy toast breads. But, it seems that Sofia just couldn’t contain herself and has taken a bite out of each one! Yes, all thirty five of them!  Just like the regular Toast Bread for your Mouth from lurveBite, the new Bitten Toast Breads have a variety of patterns and themed burned on to the tasty slice of bread.  Some new breads have even gone gourmet and have been dipped with chocolate or decorated with other candy bits.  Designs range from shapes like the Heart, Kiss, Music Notes, and Skull to phrases like, “You are toast!!”, “I lurve U”, and “I lurve Toast”.    If you simply cannot decide what individual Bitten Toast Bread you want to nibble on you now have the option of nibbling on Super Toast.  Super Toast is a menu driven texture change Bitten Toast Bread with 25 different patterns or images.  Just click and choose your favorite from the list.  Visit lurveBite today where you will find Super Toast and Individual Toast as well as two Fat Packs.  All breads are trans ok which mean you can send them to your friends too.